Ukraine latest updates: US troops arrive in Germany

Ukraine news from February 4: Troops deployed to reinforce Washington’s NATO allies arrive in Wiesbaden, US military says. The first US troops deployed to Europe to reinforce Washington’s NATO allies have arrived in Germany, the US military’s European Command has said. Meanwhile,

EuroMillions: UK player wins £109.9m jackpot

A UK ticket-holder has won a £109.9m EuroMillions jackpot. The winning numbers were 3, 25, 38, 43, 49 and the lucky star numbers were 3 and 7. A UK player matched all seven numbers to scoop the top prize and lottery firm

Iceland whaling: Fisheries minister signals end from 2024

Commercial whaling in Iceland could be banned within two years, after a government minister said there was little justification for the practice. The northern European country, an island in the North Atlantic, is one of few places to allow whale hunting. But

World War Two: Nazi guard’s son finds propaganda in loft

“What do you expect in a loft? Some ancient Christmas decorations, maybe an obsolete computer… but definitely not Nazi propaganda posters.” Yet that’s what faced Craig Lambert from Barry, when he had to clear out his father’s attic after his death in


China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion

China has joined Russia in opposing further Nato expansion as the two countries move closer together in the face of Western pressure. Moscow and Beijing issued a statement showcasing their agreement on a raft of issues during a visit by Russia’s Vladimir