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Serkan Yiğit

Serkan Yiğit, Chairman of Yiğit Holding,

He was born on August 18, 1978 in Bursa.

Jobbarı Consultancy and Management in 2001 Yiğit Jobbarı Consultancy and Management in his job in 2007, he founded a media, maritime and shipping company, and carries out many projects in Turkey and the USA.

Serkan Yiğit, who has served as the chairman of international sea volunteers, provides services and support to many seas as Yiğit group maritime, with the social responsibility project “Let’s save the seas from drowning”. Occupational groups and certificates that are still alive as of 2008. It has many projects such as Santa Claus, Statue of Liberty, Ulu Mosque, Xantos, etc. After Ship and Aircraft Purchases and Sales, he directed the trade route to technology. Defense technologies software has R&D studies in Stuttgart, Germany, and Nikon has become one of Turkey’s distributors.