Uganda’s preachers who take religion to the streets of Kampala

With the aid of a loud speaker, Kayemba Stephen’s voice booms out above the noise of the traffic and bustle as people make their way to work in this busiest part of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. “Receive Jesus today!” the preacher, known on the streets as Sulphur Teacher, urges passers-by with a swagger as if he believes everyone is closely listening

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Twitter is part of our war effort – Ukraine minister

As Ukraine’s military and citizens battle Russia’s advancing troops, the country has opened a new front in the fighting – using tech expertise to rally Silicon Valley’s support and undermine the enemy. Digital minister Mykhailo Fedorov is leading the charge, but some


Microsoft stops selling products in Russia

Microsoft has stopped selling its products and services in Russia, following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Major tech companies including Apple and Dell have made similar decisions. Microsoft said it had paused other aspects of its business in the country to comply

A Trip to Middle East

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B&W Photography

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Last Trip to Pakistan

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